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  • The WD-40 formula completely removes very thick layers of grease and dirt, label and adhesive residues from the surface without containing any abrasive substances. The separator protects against corrosion and rust with the film layer it forms.
  •   Thanks to its high tensile property, WD-40 ensures that the lubricants in its content spread over the entire surface and adhere perfectly to the moving parts.
  •   Since WD-40 does not contain silicone or any additives that collect dust and dirt, it does not form a dirt layer on the surface. 
  • throws moisture
  • Rust dissolves
  • Protects from rust
  • cleans up

WD 40 Multi-Purpose Rust Remover Spray 400 ml Prices

Reaching our customers for every ordered product  It will be within 3 - 5 working days. If the product is not in stock, even if the customer has made the payment, the payment is made in the form of Eft - Money Order within the day. We are concerned about security, our customer representatives are at your service 24/7.

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