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Karademir Bearing Ltd. Sti.

As the Karademir family, our ultimate goal is honesty. Increasing the brightness of your bright business life is through honesty and hard work.  

Corporate success comes with obligations. This is what the Karademir family always believed in. We are aware that the world needs pioneers. We will work together to meet this need.  


KaraademiRulman has adopted to offer its customers quality and affordable products. Our company is constantly working to increase this quality and convenience.  

KaraademiRulman is in cooperation with all suppliers in the sector. This cooperation is always in order to reach our forward-targeting vision.   

As Karademirulman, we are trying to supply and sell all machine parts, occupational safety materials, hardware and consumables products and to respond to your demands in the most sincere way with a quality service understanding. 

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