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Spraying in a Short Time

It has the ability to perform the spraying process with the highest performance in a short time. It works with low noise and does not disturb the environment in any way.


It is an environmentally friendly product. When it works, it never harms the environment and has been produced by passing all tests in terms of health. You can use the product with peace of mind.

No Harm to Health

It has the feature of removing liquid at a distance of 10 meters. In this way, it performs the spraying process as soon as possible without causing any harm to your health without making close contact.


Transport Practicality

It is produced in an ergonomic and lightweight structure. So it can be easily taken anywhere. You can do the spraying process yourself, either at home or in your office, with peace of mind. It never weighs.

Power Spray Feature

It performs the most powerful spraying process. At the same time, a nozzle is included in the product as a gift for you to constantly change the nozzle. You can apply pesticides in your home or in your gardens in a healthy way.

Excellence in Gardens

The product has been created in a solid structure. Under no circumstances is it affected by external impacts. You can use this sprayer for many years. It ensures that your gardens are cleaner and more hygienic.


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