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Product Description: Product Description : It is a fully synthetic gasoline / diesel engine oil developed to provide new generation high performance (API SN / CF) and fuel economy (ILSAC GF-5).

Features and Benefits: Specification and Advantages: It has been developed with low friction coefficient to provide high performance and fuel economy especially in gasoline powered vehicles. It is resistant to wear and has a long oil life. It has high engine protection, very good lubrication and easy pumpability at low temperatures. Thanks to its fully synthetic structure, it increases the oil change periods and keeps the contamination to a minimum in the engine crankcase during oil changes.


SKU: 000009

Uses: Applications: SAE 5W30, API SN / SM / SL and ILSAC GF-5/4 (Fuel reduction performance) are recommended for use in passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with gasoline / diesel turbocharged / non-turbo and direct fuel injection required.

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