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It is the most common type of tape. The main sectors are; Harvesting machines, feed mixers, packaging, marble, calibrating machine band, leather industry, treadmills.

Ar pattern packaging, leather industry, packaging machinery, box-sack handling, pepper blasting are the most common areas.


2.5mm pvc is the standard and most widely used pvc tape type.


The biggest feature of this 4mm pvc tape type is that it is resistant to high tensions thanks to its strong cloth structure. It is widely used in heavy product transportation and cargo companies in warehouse loading areas.  


This tape, which is the opposite of the structure of Pg35 standard PVC tapes, remains between the PVC material and its lower and upper surface is cloth. This belt, which is widely used in systems where it is desired to fix the product and continue the movement of the conveyor in robotic systems, is also preferred by cargo companies in warehouse loading areas because it is resistant to impacts.


BL30 is used in factory entrances to prevent air passages in truck docking doors, also known as double-sided PVC bellows band.


An95 is used in furniture industry, calibrating machines. Thanks to its soft structure and high-strength fabric texture, it is the most correct solution for calibrating machines because it is both holder and durable.  


Instead of Pg30 sheet, roller systems are preferred, especially corrugated systems. The fact that the infrastructure is PVC and can be bent in the longitudinal U shape has been the definitive solution in corrugated running belts. The most common places are pulp disposal, feed processing and garbage disposal belts.


It is much more durable and suitable for use in pg85 angle conveyors compared to applications such as sergeant profile. In addition to being a holder thanks to its saw teeth, it works very easily in difficult places such as the marble sector with its cloth option up to 4 times. After the marble industry, the place where it is most widely used is marble. It offers the most precise solution in automotive and tire transport conveyors.


It is also known as Pg55 marble band. They have different thicknesses from 5mm to 10mm. Such tapes are used in machines such as Slim machine block cutting machine.


Pg23 is known as the basket or wafer pattern. Thanks to the patterns on it, this tape type, which has a holding feature, is the most widely used area in the sponge sector.


Db24 is the most widely used tape type in the food industry. It can be used in any place where there is no very low or very high temperature. It is widely used in the processing areas of frozen food companies. These types of belts are mainly used in elevator conveyors.

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