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The most common usage area of polyurethane tapes with food conformity certificate is in the food sector. Dough handling, frozen lines, slaughterhouses are the main ones. Due to its cut and oil resistance, it is widely used in the automotive industry for the purpose of carrying hair and cutting parts.


0.8 blue  It is very commonly used in low diameter turns where line transitions are very close due to the very small turning diameter. Biscuit manufacturing is the most common area where it is used.  


1.3 blue is the most commonly used type of polyurethane tape. Frozen food is also preferred.


Although 1.4 white has left its place to the blue band in the food industry in recent years, it is the most well-known band type. In the leather industry, this type of tape is used in many machines.


1.4 green  Also known as dust removal tape. These are rare bands that also have a food conformity certificate, although they are green in color. 

poliüretan kenar bantlama
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