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  • High flexibility – transforms the GFA 12-W cordless screwdriver into an angle screwdriver

  • Compatible with GSR 12V-15 FC (0 601 9F6 ...)

  • Thanks to the «One Click» interface, tight fixing to the machine is ensured at a glance. All other FlexiClick adapters can be additionally attached to the GFA 12-W (e.g. replaceable chuck GFA 12-B)

  • Compact construction – Compact construction (head length: 61 mm) allows working even in very tight spaces

  • Easy to operate – GFA 12-W adapter can be adjusted in 16 different positions (360°) without having to remove it from the cordless screwdriver

Bosch Professional GFA 12-W Angle Adapter (compatible with GSR 12-15 FC)

SKU: 1.600.A00.F5K

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