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- Illumination even in dark places thanks to the integrated LED light

- HEX9 Multi-purpose drill bit - Drilling with a cordless impact driver

- Maximum efficiency and increased operating power thanks to Bosch battery technology

- Compact construction for perfect use even in the tightest places and overhead

- Brushless Bosch EC motor technology for up to 100% longer lifetime

- 100% longer lifetime thanks to brushless EC motor technology and optimum impact mechanism

- Higher precision when screwing in: 2-stage PowerControl prevents over-rotation of small screws, maximum torque 110 Nm

- Higher working time thanks to 2,5 Ah battery group

Bosch Professional GDR 12V-110 (Without Battery) Machine

SKU: 0.601.9E0.002

Our company accepts any unused and undamaged product if it is returned within 7 days.


After the return process is completed, the payment is made to your credit card/bank account within 24 hours. Account to reflect the duration of the payment process can vary depending on your bank.

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